Illuminated signs and signalisation

Neon Design offers many possibilities for the realisation of illuminated advertisements and signalisation. The illuminated signs, facade letters and all possible variants are designed and manufactured in our own production hall.

A wide range of materials and techniques

The illuminated signs and signage are made of many different materials. Neon Design is equipped to process a wide range of materials. Laser cutting, folding, perforating, painting, gluing, you name it. The CNC machines ensure extreme precision. In addition to mass-coloured materials, we also have a lacquering department and a separate unit for the processing and gluing of foils.
The electrical installations and lightning are especially designed for weather resistance and safety.

Endless possibilities

We have a great deal of expertise in processing the most diverse materials. Flat, cut-out or three-dimensional forms in metal or plastic, there is hardly anything we cannot handle. We propose beautiful creative solutions and create a high-quality product for your visual identity that will remain in top shape for a very long time.

You can contact us for:

  • light boxes
  • illuminated signs
  • led lighting
  • neon advertising/lighting
  • roof advertising
  • facade letters
  • plexi constructions
  • wayfinding signs
  • awnings and porches
  • sun awnings
  • banners
  • enclosures
  • POS material
  • entrance porches
  • digital displays
  • price/time/temperature displays
  • service units
  • window lettering

Ready to let your brand shine?

Illuminated signs, signalisation and cladding contribute to the recognition and perception of your brand. Whether it’s a single point of sale or a network of buildings, the consistency of your visual identity must be respected and implemented aesthetically and technically perfectly. That is why Neon Design is used by many renowned retail brands.

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Illuminated signs and signalisation



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